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A Little About Us

In the early 80's, Steve Robinson settled on an old homestead with rich soil and a log cabin.  The farm sits between the Klamath River and the Marble Mountain Wilderness, a land of clean air and pure water.  He has been building organic soil with hand tools only.  Particularly, a large deepfork, shovels, and sweat.  This labor of love produces highly nutritious and delicious produce.  The gardens now produce more food than he and his helpers can eat.  To preserve this food, Steve and friends built a solar dehydrator for drying food during the summer.  During winter, he dries food above his old wood cookstove.  In preparation for a 3-week backpacking trip in the High Sierras, Steve started making his own meals from the dehydrated produce; fellow hikers were quick to see the quality of the meals and asked to buy some.  Featherweight Foods was born.  Check out our products to see what's on offer!